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This information has been updated at 12:00 pm Wednesday, April 8, 2020.

    The Mercer County daily update of COVID - 19 cases also includes a link to the number of cases for each municipality. Use the dashboard for details about Lawrence Township.

    This site will continue to post the Mercer County updates including the updated number of Lawrence residents who have tested positive for the COVID 19. Public health investigations are ongoing and possible contacts of the positive cases are being identified and contacted.

    For more information on COVID - 19 visit the New Jersey Department of Health website or Governor's COVID Info site or the Centers for Disease Control website.

    All municipal buildings will remain closed to the Public until further notice. There is a drop box located at the North Entrance to the Main Municipal Building that should be used to drop off or deliver any item. Please address the envelope to the person or department to ensure proper delivery. We encourage anyone doing business with the municipality to call or email to discuss alternative ways to handle your issue.

  • Use this link to the CDC website outlining the proper way to wear a cloth face covering and how to make your own mask.
  • Blood donation centers across the U.S. are ramping up efforts to collect plasma from people who have recovered from COVID-19 in hopes it could be used to save the lives of others infected with the pandemic disease. An international nonprofit agency focused on transfusion medicine and cellular therapies, and dozens of community blood centers nationwide could become a key source for the century-old treatment known as convalescent plasma therapy. The treatment uses blood products taken from people who have recovered from a viral infection and injects them into those still suffering. The experimental practice was used during the devastating 1918 flu, as well as to treat measles in the 1930s. In recent years, plasma therapy been used to treat victims of Ebola, SARS and H1N1 influenza. The American Red Cross has set up a website to collect information about potential plasma donors. For more information, use this link:

  • The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) announced last week that it is offering a grant program for smaller businesses. The $5 million program will provide grants up to $5,000 to small businesses in retail, arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation, food service and other services – such as repair, maintenance, personal and laundry services – to stabilize their operations and reduce the need for layoffs or furloughs. Use this link for more details and to connect to the live application which opens Friday April 3 at 9am.

    Parks remain open but restricted. The playground equipment will be off limits and signs will be posted on basketball courts that there is to be no gathering more than 2 people at any basket. All trails and paths will remain open.

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