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Police Department

Brian Caloiaro, Chief of Police


CALL 9-1-1

Police Communications: 609-896-1111
General Information: 609-896-0225

Police Department News:

  • Law Enforcement Directive 19-05: This Directive is the Mercer County Procesutor's Office Procedures for Processing Requests for U-Visa Certifications and T-Visa Declaration.
  • Immigration Trust Directive: This General Order Number 3.39 will serve to maintain procedures for strengthening trust between law enforcement and the immigrant community in compliance with New Jersey Attorney General Directive 2018-6.
  • Attorney General Law Enforcement Directive No. 2018-3: It is the policy of the Lawrence Township Police Department to implement and utilize IA Pro software as an early warning system for tracking and reviewing incidents of risk and provide timely intervention all consistent with Attorney General Law Enforcement Directive 2018-3, General Order Number 2.04 - Early Warning System.
  • New Jersey Attorney General's Law Enforcement Drug Testing Policy: The illegal use of drugs is incompatible with service in law enforecement. This agency is committed to ensuring that sworn law enforcement personnel are physically and mentally capable of performing their duties and fulfilling their responsibilities. Officers are required to obey all laws and ordinances, including those concerning the illegal use of drugs. Violations of these laws are intolerable. The purpose of this policy is to safeguard this agency from sworn law enforcement personnel who may engage in the illegal use of drugs. This Police Department will maintain a zero tolerance stance of illegal drug use by sworn law enforcement personnel. General Order Number 2.05 - Drug Screening.
  • Crossing Guards Needed: Lawrence Township Police Department is accepting applications for Crossing Guards for the 2019/2020 school year. Crossing Guards receive paid training and generally work approximately ten (10) hours per week. The hourly rate is $17.40. Applications are available at or stop at the Police Headquarters. Submit completed applications to the attention of Lt. Joseph Amodio, by mail or drop-off in person at Police Headquarters, 2211 Lawrence Road, Lawrenceville, New Jersey, 08648. If anyone has questions regarding the position, you can contact Lt. Amodio at 609-844-7104.
  • Class III Special Police Officer: The Police Department is seeking a Class III Special Police Officer to conduct school safety and security duties. Click here for a link to our employment application. You may also stop in the Manager's Office in the Lawrence Township Municipal Building, 2207 Lawrence Road, Lawrence Township, New Jersey 08648. Please click here for job description
  • New Jersey Safe Stops - New Jersey has instituted a new "Safe Stops" initiative to make every traffic stop end safely for all those involved. This information will instruct the public about what to do and not do during a traffic stop. Please go to this link for specific information:
  • Please read attached information from the Lawrence Township Police Department with tips on how to protect yourself from becoming a victim of burglary.
  • The Lawrence Township Police Department has completed their 2017 Annual Report. Click here.
  • A Police Staffing Study was completed in June 2011 by Matrix Consulting Group. See attached.
  • The Lawrence Township Police Department is looking for individuals interested in working as crossing guards. For more details see the attached.



Police Department Launches Body Worn Camera Program

The Lawrence Township Police Department has implemented body worn cameras for their officers.  All uniform officers will be wearing the body worn camera pictured below. 

bodycamera camera



The police department is comprised of sworn officers and civilian employees dedicated to achieving the mission and vision of the department while displaying the core values of the department. It is comprised of a command staff and two divisions with bureaus serving the specialized needs of the community.

Mission Statement

Lawrence Township Police OfficersThe mission of the Lawrence Township Police Department is to improve the community by practicing problem solving strategies against crime and quality of life issues. We are committed to conducting pro-active policing strategies to reduce crime and the fear of crime in our town. We believe in, and are committed to, developing partnerships within the community to improve the quality of life within Lawrence Township.

Core Values: Honor-Integrity-Knowledge

We will honor our police powers. We understand that our police powers are derived from the community in which we serve.

Integrity: We are committed to the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct, which are the cornerstones of our profession. We are dedicated to upholding the highest moral and ethical standards.

Knowledge: We will continually strive to maintain a high level of professional development through continuous learning and specialized and in-service training.

Officer Accountability Bureau

The goal of the Lawrence Township Police Department is to provide the most professional police services possible to the citizens of Lawrence Township and the State of New Jersey. Honesty and integrity are paramount to that goal. The mission of the Officer Accountability Bureau is to fully and impartially investigate all complaints about police officer conduct. Complaints about police officer conduct are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from all persons. During normal business hours, contact the Officer Accountability Bureau at 609-896-1111. After hours you can call 609-896-1111 and ask to speak with the Shift Commander. Printable complaint form can be downloaded from here.

For more details on complaint policy and procedure click here.

Officer Commendation

Citizens are able to commend a Department employee as a way of saying thanks for exemplary service or to let the employee know you appreciate their efforts in handling a problem. You may telephone the Chief’s Office at 609-896-1111, send an e-mail or complete the commendation form which can be downloaded here {form}. The message or form will be forwarded to the employee and included in their personnel file. Please include the employee’s name, date, time and the location of the incident as well as the circumstances surrounding the event. Printable commendation form can be downloaded from here.

Patrol Division (609-896-1111)

The Patrol Division of the department is responsible for the investigation of offenses, crimes, traffic accidents, disturbances, and all other incidents that require police service. In addition, all police officers have the responsibility to protect life and property, preserve the peace, prevent crimes, detect and arrest violators of the law and to enforce state and local laws and ordinances coming within the jurisdiction of the Township.

Traffic Safety Bureau (609-896-1111)

The Traffic Bureau is staffed by a Traffic Safety Officer. This officer is a designated patrol sergeant who in addition to his normal function performs the following functions:

  • Supervision of all patrol traffic functions including special enforcement areas.
  • Supervision and training of all adult school crossing guards.
  • Conducting traffic surveys for speed, volume and other areas such as parking including handicap zones, etc.
  • Coordinating school, church, and other large scale traffic events.

Persons with traffic concerns or questions may contact the traffic safety officer for attention.

Communications Bureau (609-896-1111)

Lawrence Township has contracted with iXP Corporation to operate the Communications Bureau. iXP employees staff the Communications Center 24/7. All of the employees are certified public safety telecommunicators who answer 9-1-1 calls. These calls are then broadcast for police reponse or transferred to medical/fire dispatch as needed.

Quaker Bridge Mall Bureau (609-896-1111)

The Quaker Bridge Mall Bureau is staffed by a Lawrence Township Police Officer which is funded through the mall. This officer maintains the sub-station located at the exit way of the QBM food court area. This officer maintains a pro-active presence in the mall to deter crime, educate merchants in crime prevention, work with mall management on security planning, and direct police personnel at the mall.

Investigation Division (609-844-7129)

The Lawrence Township Police Department Investigation Division is comprised of the following Bureaus and Units: Records Bureau, Detective Bureau, Juvenile Bureau, Evidence and Property Management Bureau and the Canine Unit.

Records Bureau (609-896-0225)

The Records Bureau is responsible for maintenance, routing, filing and distribution of all reports for the department. Hours of operation for the Records Bureau are 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. Information on how to obtain a report and applicable fees for reports and other documents is listed below.

How to obtain a report:

  1. In person at the Records Bureau (8:00 am to 3:30 pm, Monday to Friday)
  2. By Mail.
  3. You may send an email to with following information:
    • Name and address of Applicant
    • Telephone Number and email Address
    • Date and Time of Incident
    • Location of Incident
    • Report Type and Report Number (if known)
    • There is no fee for this method.
  4. Please send OPRA requests to using this form.

Fee Schedule for copies of police documents and services:

Motor Vehicle Accident Reports, Investigation Reports, Operation Reports, Call for Service Records and Other Documentation:

  1. $0.05 per page
  2. Accident reports mailed: $5.00
  3. Letter of Good Conduct: $5.00


  1. $5.00 per person. Applicant fingerprints for residents and persons employed in Lawrence Township are taken Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


  1. There is a new procedure to apply for a Firearms ID card and Permit to Purchase.
  2. Application are now to be completed online at:
  3. Go to the website and click "Online S.T.S. 033 Form" to begin the application progress.
  4. Lawrence Township ORI number is: NJ0110700

Once the application has been completed, you will receive an email indicating that your application was approved or denied. This department will contact you when your documents are completed. And at that time, the fees will be collected. If you have any questions, please call 609-844-7112 or email

Detective Bureau (609-844-7129)

The Detective Bureau is responsible for the continuing investigation of crimes within the jurisdiction of Lawrence Township. Confidential crime tips should be made by calling 609-844-7129, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. If the information being provided requires an immediate police response, please call 609-896-1111.

Juvenile Bureau (609-844-7129)

The Juvenile Bureau is responsible for all crimes and investigations committed by and against juveniles that occur within Lawrence Township. The Juvenile Bureau also coordinates many youth oriented programs and activities such as safety town, bicycle rodeo and more.

Evidence and Property Management Bureau (609-844-7148)

The Evidence and Property Management Bureau is responsible for the maintenance and legal disposal of all property and evidence received by the department. The Evidence and Property Officer is also responsible for evidence processing at major crime scenes as well as evidence brought to headquarters.

Property Recovery

Any citizen who has property that was recovered or is being held by the Lawrence Township Police Department is asked to contact the Evidence and Property Officer at 609-844-7148.

Recovered / Towed Vehicles (609-896-1111)

Any person who has had a vehicle towed by the Lawrence Township Police Department for reasons other then motor vehicle accidents can contact Police Communications for information and procedures of recovery of the vehicle. Failure to recover towed vehicle will result in the vehicle being sold at public auction.

Canine Unit (609-844-7128)

The Lawrence Township Police Department Canine Unit is comprised of a police officer handler and a canine. The canine is trained to detect explosives, track missing persons, and locate fleeing suspects and search buildings for suspects. The canine unit also conducts numerous demonstrations for community groups.

C.A.R.E. (Community Addiction Recovery Effort)

Lawrenceville C.A. R. E. allows police officers to offer a pathway to recovery by providing resources, access to treatment, and guidance from a trained drug counselor. Lawrence Township Police Department will follow a uniform standard operating procedure at the time of arrest with the assistance of the local opiate task force, which consists of, but is not limited to Recovery Advocates of America, City of Angels and lnFocus Urgent Care. The attached includes more details about the program as well as additional resources.

Crime Prevention

Retail & Commercial Crime Prevention

To develop and maintain a close association with merchants, business persons and commercial establishments within the Township, and offer advice, recommendations and training programs in crime prevention methods. Please contact Detective Bureau at 609-844-7130 for a referral on this program.

Combat Auto Theft

Window decals are used to identify program participants. The decal identifies a vehicle in which the owner has authorized New Jersey law enforcement officers to stop his/her vehicle between 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. to determine who is driving and whether the vehicle is stolen. Program participants must sign an agreement to register for the program. There is no fee for registration of the decal. Information may be obtained through the Records Bureau.

Rights of Crime Victims & Witnesses

All residents and business persons who have been the victim or witness to a serious crime are entitled to certain rights. Please contact Police Communications for a referral.

Criminal Complaints & Motor Vehicle Complaints

Any citizen wanting to sign a criminal or motor vehicle complaint against an individual where the act occurred in Lawrence Township is asked to contact either the Lawrence Township Municipal Court or Police Communications.

Community Programs

Neighborhood Crime Watch

Citizens groups seeking to organize a Neighborhood Crime Watch program should contact Police Communications for information.

Operation Identification

To encourage and assist residents to record and inscribe personal property to deter theft and to assure positive identification in the event of loss or theft. Please contact Police Communications for referral.

Business & Commercial Protective Measures

To provide for the random brief, visitation of business and commercial establishments by patrol officers during their tours of duty. It is intended to prevent thefts, robberies and other criminal acts, and to reduce the public fear of crime. Please contact Police Communications for referral.

Residential & Commercial Security Surveys

To provide residents, business and commercial establishments with information, advice and instructions on physical security measures and crime prevention techniques to avoid, prevent or reduce criminal opportunity. Please contact Police Communications for referral.

Vacant House Inspection:

Provides for the inspection of residences while residents are away and the home is unoccupied for extended periods of times. It is intended to deter burglary, theft and vandalism by the random inspection of police patrols. Please contact Police Communications for referral.

Project Medicine Drop-Off - In partnership with local law enforcement agencies, the Division of Consumer Affairs has made it as easy as possible for you to safely and securely dispose of your unused medications. For more details, see the attached flyer.

Youth Safety Programs


Child Identification / Personal Identification

Fingerprinting of children for family records in the event positive identification may be necessary at some future time. This service is also available to adults, subject to restrictions. Please contact Police Communications for referral.

Employment Opportunities

School Crossing Guards

Anyone interested in the position of School Crossing Guard is asked to contact the office of the Chief of Police at 609-844-7102.

Police Candidates

Any person interested in the position of police officer is asked to contact the New Jersey Civil Service Commission. All information regarding eligibility and testing dates are available through the Civil Service Commission.

Civilian Employees

Any person interested in the position of communications operator is asked to contact iXP Corporation at 609-759-5100.

Other Programs

Temporary Handicap Parking Placard

A temporary handicap parking placard is issued through the Records Bureau. It is used by persons with a temporary physical handicap who require parking privileges within areas so designated. Please contact the Records Bureau at 609-896-0225 for information on requirements and the application.

Off Duty Employment of Officers

Police Officers may work off-duty assignment within the guidelines of department policy and Township ordinance. These usually include situations that are required by Township permit, or where a police presence is desirable at gatherings. Please contact the department at 609-896-0225 and ask to speak with a supervisor in reference to off duty employment.