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Councilman Jim Kownacki

I have spent 12 ½ years serving my community, our township and my party. I have worked at the Ewing Lawrence Sewerage Authority for the past 21 ½ years, and served as shop steward for LIUNA Local 172.

As one of eight children growing up in South Trenton in an ethnically diverse family, my father, Polish and my mother, Irish, I learned the values of hard work and service. I served our Country in the United States Marine Corp Reserves and United States Army Reserves for over 24 years and retired.  I have always been involved in the community where ever I lived. I served as President of Society Hill at the Brunswick Circle on the Board of Directors for over 4 years and Board member 3 years.  Currently I am the Lawrence Democratic Municipal Chair, Vice Chair of Lawrence Twp. Planning Board 2nd term and Board member for 9 years, member of the Public Safety Advisory Committee. I have been a member of Eggerts Crossing Civic League for 7 years and serve as their current Treasurer for 4 years.

Through the years I have served on many Township Committees, Growth and Redevelopment, Construction Board of Appeals, Mayor’s Committee for Transformation of Business Route 1. I have worked diligently for the N.J. National Guard State Readiness Council, raising money and working their pancake breakfast over the years.

As a Military Veteran and a blue collar worker I will bring strong leadership to Lawrence Council. One of the most important responsibilities of a Council member is the oversight of the Township Budget. It is critical that we elect council members that are familiar with budget process. It takes courage to take a stand on an issue that may not always be popular with every segment of the town.

I understand that Lawrence Council faces a difficult task in 2010 finding ways to provide our current services better and more efficiently. That’s where there’s room for improvements. As a candidate for Council I have some ideas that I believe will improve services and save the Township money for years to come. Form committees and study pros and cons of moving garbage collection in-house, expand shared services with Lawrence School Board and more convenient hours at town hall.

Over the past 12 years the municipal tax rate has been kept at a stable rate.  It is our school taxes that have been on the rise, this is where we need to work together and come up with a stable tax rate.  I believe in a society that respects its elders, those who deserve the right to retire with resources they need and have earned to support themselves in their Golden Years. The best government is one that is efficient and adapts to the needs of its citizens.

I will not promise to agree with you, but I will promise to listen to your thoughts, ideas, and concerns before making any final decision concerning Lawrence Township.