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Public Safety Advisory Committee


The Lawrence Township Public Safety Advisory Committee shall be represented by the Municipal Manager, Emergency Management Director, Chief of Police, Construction Official, Health Officer, each of the three Fire Chiefs, chief of Emergency First Aid Squad, Fire Marshal and traffic officer of the Police Department. The membership is further represented by six community representatives shoe are appointed by the Council for a two year term. A Township Council member shall be designated annually to serve as liason to the Committee.

Our Mission

The Public Safety Advisory Committee shall review and make recommendation to the Zoning Board of Adjustments and the Planning Board on all site plans and subdivisions that are submitted to the Boards. The Committee will also review and make recommendatins on all capital expenditure proposals including equipment related to emergency services. In addition, the Committee will also review all ordinances related to public safety. The Committee also provides to Council and Manager periodic reports and recommendations and advise on traffic safety questions/problems and the adequacy of all Township policies and procedures relating to safety.



Members & Liaisons

Current Members:

  • Kevin Nerwinski, Municipal Manager
  • Anthony Cermele, Construction Official
  • Richard Soltis, Acting Fire Marshal (Chair)
  • Mark Ubry, Interim Chief of Police (Vice Chair)
  • Carol Chamberlain, Health Officer
  • Jack Oakley, Emergency Management Coordinator
  • Gary Wasko, Chief, Lawrenceville Fire Company
  • Mike Byrdi, Chief, Lawrence Road Fire Company
  • Mark Lenarski, Chief, Slackwood Fire Company
  • Mike Burzachiello (Through 12/31/18)
  • William B. Holmes (Through 12/31/17)
  • Rosanne Manghisi (Through 12/31/17)
  • Michael Oakley (Through 12/31/17)
  • Jitesh Patel (Through 12/31/18)
  • Elissa Schragger (Through 12/31/15

Current Liaisons:

  • Councilman Jim Kownacki, Township Council Liaison

Check Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Generally, the Committee meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 P.M. in the Manager's Conference Room in the Municipal Building.